Learn everything you need to know about CDA Pontoons Rentals

Do I need a boater's license in Idaho?

Not in Idaho. However, we always recommend that you educate yourselves on safely navigating our Inland NW.

Please check out the latest from our local Parks and Recreation at: https://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/activities/boating/boating-safety-classes/

For more frequently asked questions about boating in Idaho, please check out: https://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/activities/boating/faqs/

Do you offer insurance for your renters?

Yes, starting in 2023….

Do I have to trailer or launch the pontoon?

We will handle the transportation, launching and recovering the pontoon. All you need to bring is sunscreen and a smile!

What if it is my first time driving a pontoon?

Renting a boat on Lake CDA is easy with CDA Pontoons. We will provide you a safety overview, boat orientation and share about the Lake CDA and the Spokane River. If this is your first time renting a pontoon on Lake CDA, that is okay. We will answer all of your questions and take the time to help you feel comfortable.

However, if you are not comfortable driving the boat, that’s also not an issue. This year we will be offering Captain Services, so you can hire a USCG licensed Captain to be your tour guide, designated driver and interact with your group as little or as much as you’d prefer. Please see our Captain Services page for more details!

What is the earliest and latest we can rent a boat on the water?

We can get you on the lake as early as 9am and need everyone back by 7pm. Please call us if you have an overnight or multiday rental request.

Another great use of Gift Cards are employee bonuses, birthday or anniversary gifts, wedding gifts and compliment other ways to say ‘Have a great day on me!’

Note: Gift cards do not expire and may be used in following seasons.

Can I bring a pet along with me?

While we love our fur-babies and hate to leave them on shore, at this time we do not allow pets on any of our boats. However, please check out CDA Pet Resort for giving your furry-baby a day at the spa while you explore the Inland Northwest.

Can we fish from the pontoons?

Due to issues from last year, ranging from lack of licenses, to snagging the biminis and seats, to cleaning fish on our boats, we no longer allow fishing gear on our boats. If you bring fishing gear to the dock, we will ask you to take it back to your car. The boats cannot leave the dock with fishing gear on them, even if you pinky swear…

If you insist on fishing, we have a reserve pontoon, which seats 8 and has two rear fishing seats, that we allow you to fish from, if you have licenses and commit to not make a mess of the fish onboard. Please call us to book this boat directly.

What is included in the rental?

We launch, recover and clean the boat before and after each rental. Additionally, we provide all safety equipment such as life preservers, throw cushion, throw rope, emergency paddles, and a first aid kit. We will also provide a map of the lake with some of our favorite suggestions!

What is our cancellation policy?

We understand if plans change and that is ok. We have a reasonable approach which is more than 5 days notice 100% refund and 4 days or less notice we can offer a refund to a gift card with no expiration date. Dangerous weather, such as high winds or lightning will be offered a gift card or reschedule at no extra charge. Please always check the weather before booking to ensure an optimal experience!

What is the prepaid fuel option?

Prepaid fuel makes renting a boat fun and easy. There are a few marinas on the lake that provide fueling stations. Save yourself the hassle and expense of filling up and just select ‘Prepaid gas’ and bring the boat back and we’ll deal with the fuel cost time and expense. For rentals over 6hrs this is optional.

What are some of the basic expectations while on the lake that a tourist might not know?

No Wake Zones. There are a few marked No Wake Zones such as around marinas, public launches and the mouth of the Spokane River. If you enter them, you are expected to be going 4-5mph maximum. Other unmarked areas to stay away from include; on Lake CDA 200 feet from any dock; and on the Spokane River which is 100 feet from the nearest dock.

Do you provide a map of the lake?

Yes. We have a custom map available during your rental that shows key landmarks and points of interest. These include marinas, restaurants, gas stations and bathrooms. New for this year is optimal swim areas!

Do you offer kid-sized life jackets?

Absolutely! While most parents want to bring the appropriate size for their children, we know that not every one can. We have a wide array of sizes and colors available. Please contact us early to ensure your rental is updated and we can provide the right sizes prior to departure.

What happens if the Sherriff wants to inspect our boat?

If you are approached by any marine law enforcement agency, you must comply with their direction. It is not uncommon for the Sherriff to provide ‘courtesy safety inspections’ whenever they get bored, see a new boat, or have itches they want to scratch. If they observe unsafe or reckless behavior expect to be cited, as Lake CDA boating culture has a low tolerance for shenanigans such as racing, bow riding and being intoxicated while boating.

What happens if we have an accident while out having fun?

1. Idaho requires you to perform the following:

  • Give, in writing, his or her name, address, and vessel identification to the owner of any property damaged by the accident.
  • Render assistance to any person who has been injured or who is in danger so long as they can do so without risking their safety or their passenger’s safety.
  • Stop the vessel immediately at the scene of the accident.

2. If you are involved in a boating accident and the accident meets any of the following criteria, you must notify us immediately and file a report with the sheriff in the county where the accident occurred:

  • An electronic copy of the report form can be downloaded. Once you fill the form out, take it with you to the local sheriff’s office.
  • The accident results in an injury beyond first aid, missing person, or fatality.
  • Damages to property involved in the accident are $1,500 or more.
I have a gift card from a prior year, how does that work?

As of 2023, we have shifted our system and no longer off Gift Cards. We are sorry about this inconvenience and if you still have a gift card, please give us a call and we will find a way to help you get on the water while honoring the balance on your gift card. Please call us at 208-818-3796!